Education has become part and parcel of a person's life where it not only imparts knowledge but also helps in the economic growth and stability on both personal and national levels.

After a detailed survey by ‘Shree Aniruddha Aadesh Pathak’ in rural areas, it was found out that the number of students attending schools was drastically on a decline. The most crucial reason for this decline was the poor financial condition of the students' families. They could neither afford the education nor the stationery, especially notebooks because of their ever-rising cost. The students hardly attended schools because of this matter. They could not even study which consequently increased the rate of illiteracy. 

After considering these issues, the organisation readily came forward to help the students and distributed free books to each and every one in need. This scheme has been carried out for more than ten years now. The volunteers of the Pathak conduct a survey a couple of months before the schools begin in June. The Pathak then purchases the required number of notebooks according to the facts and figures of the survey and then distributes them in the surveyed schools. The survey reports are studied in detail by the volunteers and utmost care is taken so that only the needy and poor children get the benefit from this free notebook distribution.

The Pathak has received multiple feedback, appreciation letters and certificates from many educational institutions belonging to the remote areas where this program was conducted. The teachers have also encouraged this program since they have observed an increase in the attendance of students and a decrease in the dropout rate. According to them, the students have now developed an interest in education and they are keen to learn new things with great enthusiasm.