Free Medical and Healthcare Camp July 2023

This year, the third Mokhada Medical and Healthcare Camp was held in Poshera village in the Mokhada subdivision situated in Palghar District on Sunday, 23rd July 2023.

716 patients availed the benefits of free health check-ups at this camp. This included 199 children and 517 adults, which comprised 234 adult males and 283 adult females. Notably, the number of women beneficiaries at the camp was greater this time.

Moreover, 301 patients were screened by optometrist and 221 spects were distributed at the camp.

Besides, 134 patients including 15 children were referred for checkups and healthcare treatment at higher medical centres.

Peculiarly, the Mokhada Camp has facilitated an easy access of medical and healthcare check up at the doorstep for the tribal villagers living in the remote areas. Especially, when the rainy season is at its peak and transport services to reach the medical centres is nearly unavailable in these regions.

The villagers have appreciated these efforts undertaken by Shree Aniruddha Aadesh Pathak.

This time, 13 doctors, 15 nurses, 10 optometrists and 120 others volunteered at the Mokhada Medical Camp.

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