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Mokhada Medical and Healthcare Camp, 21 May 2023

Mokhada Medical Camp is a devotional service for the poor and underprivileged villagers.

This free medical camp provides various health check-ups by doctors and paramedics. After the diagnosis, people in need are given free medicines and also helped with the follow up for any further treatments.

The Mokhada Medical and Healthcare Camp also serves patients with eye problems. The doctors segregate the patients in the OPD, and then the patients are directed to the concerned departments.

The patients who arrive for the eye checkup are attended by a trained optometrist, who leads the patient for a free spectacle distribution after the appropriate medical diagnosis.

Nutritious meals are prepared and served by Shraddhavan volunteers to the underprivileged villagers and children who avail free medical services at the camp under the Annapourna Mahaprasadam initiative, a noble initiative undertaken by Dr Aniruddha Bapu.

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Mokhada Project - Rural Empowerment - Shree Aniruddha Aadesh Pathak (


Mokhada 23 march by Shree Aniruddha Aadesh Pathak

Photos of Mokhada Medical and Healthcare Camp May 2023

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